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Matrix So Silver Shampoo

Matrix So Silver Shampoo

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What It Is

Color depositing purple shampoo for neutralizing warmth and correcting yellow tones in blonde and grey hair.

What It Does

 So Silver Shampoo is a color depositing purple shampoo that cleanses and neutralizes unwanted brassy warmth and eliminates dull, yellow tones in blonde and grey hair.


 So Silver illuminates highlights on blondes and adds shimmering brightness for color treated and natural hair ranging from grey to white shades.


• Key Benefits:

- Deposits violet pigment

- Illuminates highlights on blondes

- Brightens blondes & enhances silver tones

What Else You Need to Know

• Perfect for:

- Natural blondes

- Lightened blondes

- Icy Blondes & Greys

• Previously known as Color Care So Silver

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