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Devoted Creations Vault

Devoted Creations Vault

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  • Fragrance: Chromatic Cream
  • Superior Encapsulated DHA + Extreme Cosmetic & Natural Bronzers
  • Auto Darkening Complex
  • Powerful Amino Acids
  • Potent Probiotics
  • Super Slimming Technology
  • Powerful Probiotics
  • Skin Toning Flavoslim
  • 24 Hour Long Lasting Hydration blend
  • Vegan Collagen Blend
  • Skin Perfecting Forslean
  • Ingredient Locking Technology
  • Anti-Orange Technology
  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting


  • Raspberry Ketones – This natural ingredient includes natural Erythrulose, a ketone sugar that interacts with the amino acids in your skin, resulting in a golden brown hue.
  • SymBronze Green – Derived from microalgae, this extract enhances skin complexion and encourages a darker tan, leaving the skin with a flawless airbrushed finish.
  • Fision GlowPlex – A multi-functional skincare active containing Niacinamide and anti-aging peptides to promote glowing skin, blur imperfections and helping to minimize the appearance of dark spots.
  • Copper Peptide – A skin restoring peptide that works as an antioxidant, promotes collagen & elastin repair that helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

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