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Black Chocolate Ice Cream

Black Chocolate Ice Cream

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Become irresistible. Richer, softer, darker, sweeter, this delectable dessertfor your body is a blend of the creamiest and most indulgent ingredients tanninghas to offer. Lovingly crafted in small batches, from the moment it touches yourskin you know this is something special. Say hello to your new favorite tanning treat.


  • Fragrance: Iced Coconut Cake
  • 400X Double Dark Black Chocolate Bronzers are the perfect recipe for your darkest tan yet
  • A super rich Cocoa, Coconut, & Avocado butter blend conditions for a perfect base
  • Caramel & Carrot Oil infusion gives your color remarkable depth
  • Super Silicones practically melt into skin for a super soft application
  • A Coconut Milk cool cream gives your skin the slightest cool to keep it fresh n fine

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